Say Hooray to these 10 Stores that Sell Freshly Baked New Orleans-Style Beignets

Oh, beignets! If you’re unfamiliar with this delectable pastry, they are basically square-shaped donuts with a crunchy exterior and a soft, airy interior that tastes just like heaven. Okay, you might think I’m exaggerating, but don’t knock it ’til you try it. Here are 10 stores selling french beignets around Metro Manila that will convince you just how good they are!

10 Stores that Sell Freshly Baked French Beignets

10. Sevy’s (@sevysbeignets)

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Sevy’s describes itself as your friendly neighborhood mom&pop home bakery serving authentic New Orleans-style beignets. Created by the Sevilla Family, bonded by their shared passion for all things food, Sevy’s inspires to bring to the table food that, they hoped, would strike that same emotional chord of comfort, feel-good vibes, and unforgettable feeling inside.

They keep it simple by only offering Classic beignets which are light and fluffy and coated in just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon. Pair it with their Dulce de Leche dip to take your experience into a whole other level. For those with a sweet tooth, though, try out their Hot Chocolate beignets!

Deliveries can be made all around the Metro.

9. Fluffi PH (@fluffiph)

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Fluffi PH is, just as its name suggests, is pure fluffy goodness thanks to its special ingredient: marshmallow fluff! And, oh my goodness, the above photo alone is enough to make you salivate. Currently, they offer four different flavors: Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Fluff Filled, and Choco Filled. Can’t choose? Here’s a tip: get their box sampler of either 12 or 24 beignets to have them all!

Order through their website Free deliveries around Metro Manila on orders PHP500 and above.

8. Chabelita (@chabelitamnl)

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BS Architecture graduate Anna Asuncion has been baking ever since she was a little kid. Over the years, as she started to gain much more confidence in the kitchen, she started to see food as a medium to experiment and get creative, playing around with new recipes until she settled for beignets and babkas which she now sells on her online business, Chabelita!

“Chabelita is a one-woman home-bakery with the goal to essentially spark joy! (a buyer actually told me that our beignets “truly spark joy” and I’ve been using the phrase ever since). Our baked goods are definitely on the sweet and decadent side – our beignets are also quite large compared to those in the market – because I want to give my customers that feeling of abundance and joy when they open and devour their box of beignets,” Anna told When In Manila.

“Chabelita is inspired by the child-like joy you get from having something sweet, unique, and special. You know that feeling when your mom comes home at the end of the day with an assorted box of donuts and it’s full of sugar and glaze and you don’t know what to pick because it all looks so good? Then you have a big bite and it’s an instant happy sugar rush? That’s the feeling I want to give to my customers!”

You can order either Original or Cinnamon-dusted beignets, opt for them to be drizzled with Dulce de Leche or Nutella, or sink your teeth into the Vanilla Creme-filled or, if you’re feeling adventurous, Smokey Bacon Caramel-filled treats! Deliveries can be made all around Metro Manila through third-party couriers.

7. KT’s Kitchen (@ktskitchen11)

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KT’s Kitchen is where you can find a wide assortment of beignets flavors to try: Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Two Cheese, Nutella, Matcha, Strawberry, and Lemon Ricotta. Whatever it is you choose, you’re guaranteed a delightful experience, especially when founder Kristine Tanyag only makes use of the finest ingredients to ensure quality.

She also takes pride in pouring a lot of love into her baked creations with the goal of satisfying everyone’s craving and, more importantly, give them comfort amid the pandemic.

“I feel that in spite of this lockdown and not being able to travel, creating food from a certain country gives me comfort that someday, we will all be able to travel safely again,” Kristine shared with When In Manila. “It really makes me happy when my customers give me feedback about my Beignets and say that they remembered having these in one of their trips abroad. My food takes them back to a fond memory of their travels and that’s what I want to happen.”

Try her beignets with either the Chocolate or Dulce De Leche dip. Deliveries can be done around Metro Manila through third-party couriers, or via personal pick-up.

6. Overdoughs (@overdoughsph)

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Other than their giant-sized cookies, Overdoughs’ New Orleans-style beignets are a customer favorite! They’re fried to perfection and dusted with just the right amount of powdered sugar. If you’re missing it a whole lot like I am, then you’d be thrilled to know that they are offering a fry-at-home pack of 35 frozen beignets so you can enjoy them fresh and piping hot in the comfort of your own kitchen!

5. Cello’s (@cellosdoughnuts)

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Cello’s is definitely among the top-of-mind places we think about when we think of doughnuts but, to me, their delicious beignet-style Pillows are where the money’s at. They’re so fluffy and soft, and best indulged in with a side of dark chocolate, Nutella, white chocolate, or strawberry jam dip and a warm cup of coffee.

4. Wake & Bake (@wakeandbake_rusticbread)

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Wake&Bake was founded by best friends Rahs and Ian who had both lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In order to make ends meet, they decided to learn how to bake to challenge themselves for having no prior experience. Through grit and patience, they launched their online store where they sell homemade bread and beignets baked fresh every day from their simple home kitchen!

What makes Wake&Bake different is the different fillings they feature every month for their beignets. (Chocolate Raspberry for the month of October!) They also guarantee that all their products are made with no additives or preservatives, and without using any equipment. “We only make them in small batches so everything is handcrafted to ensure the quality of each product,” Rahs told When In Manila. “We hope to inspire other people that sometimes, during the lowest point of our lives, [it] could be the beginning of something good!”

Deliveries can be made all around Metro Manila via third-party couriers.

In case you didn’t know yet, we have a page dedicated to delicious food! Check it out here!

3. Beignets Manila (@beignetsmanila)

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Beignets Manila was started by college freshman Julianna Limchiko who, having had plenty of free time on her hands due to the quarantine period, decided to create her own beignet recipe to satisfy her cravings.

What makes Beignets Manila so distinct is its assortment of flavors: The Classic, Nutella-filled, Cinnamon Sugar, and Cookie Butter. “We are constantly experimenting with other flavors that haven’t been paired with beignets. People should definitely give our beignets a try, not only because they are very much affordable in comparison with other stores but we also make sure that the products we put out are of great quality,” Julianna told When In Manila.

Slots are limited every week. Deliveries can be made within Metro Manila via pick-up at New Manila, Quezon City, or through third-party couriers.

2. Metro Beignet (@metrobeignet)

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Metro Beignet was launched by Judel D. who realized that there weren’t many places in Metro Manila serving New Orleans-style Beignets, as it has yet to become a trend.

“The idea of making Beignets started when I woke up one morning and (like other regular millenials) opened Facebook just to scroll on my news feed. While scrolling through my newsfeed I saw this suggested video from a tv show in the U.S. where they featured Beignets. As somebody who craved for Beignets, I immediately looked for a seller online to satiate my cravings; yet, since (New Orleans-style) Beignets aren’t really famous here in the PH, there are not many options where we can get this treat. So I tried to make my own,” she shared with When In Manila.

Metro Beignets offers a variety of flavors to choose from at a budget-friendly price. You can either get them filled or unfilled (but we suggest to just get a box featuring an assortment of both; you’ll thank us later). Deliveries can be made all around the Metro and to nearby cities. They’ll also be launching other products and drinks soon!

1. Crème Bites (@creme_bites)

Crème Bites was founded by Cheska Loraine Goliat and Carl Benedict Monterroyo from Antipolo City who decided to bring Europe into their own home through the creation of their own beignet recipe. Let me tell you: it was a delight at first bite! It was so light and airy and not at all heavy on the stomach. Try their Premium Beignets that come in a huge box of either 6 or 12 and dusted generously with powdered sugar. You can even request them to add a little note if you’re buying it for a special someone!

Deliveries can be made all around Metro Manila via third-party couriers. Free delivery within Rizal and select areas.

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