These 7 Stores Hold the Keto Your Diet Success

So many people have been asking me where to get delicious keto-friendly products in the Metro. Well, I’ve recently discovered 7 stores that can help you stay steadfast on your keto journey – and the best part is you won’t have to move a muscle because they can deliver their delicious goods to your doorstep!

These 7 Stores Hold the Keto Your Diet Success

Sante Manila (@sante.manila)

Although they are a family of business people, Sante Manila shares that they find great joy in delicious food. However, there were times when they began restricting themselves from eating certain types of food due to health concerns. Since they are aware that they aren’t the only ones with this struggle, Sante Manila began with the goal to provide healthier options that you could fall in love with.

Sante Manila offers food that they know people generally enjoy – bread, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. They really want to bring back the joy in eating healthy, especially in times like these when good health is quintessential. Sante Manila has leveled up your food favorites by creating low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free products. “We meticulously pick out our ingredients to make sure our macros and other information are accurate, so you know what you are actually consuming,” they add. “If that doesn’t convince you, then the delectable taste of our goodies might!”

Homebaked by Sacha (@homebaked_by_sacha)

Photo from Homebaked by Sacha

Chanel Vijayakumar is the baker and owner of Homebaked by Sacha. When she and her husband realized that they were at their heaviest, they decided to change their lifestyle and bake healthy treats to avoid readily available sugary snacks in the market. What started as personal treats soon became their friends’ treats until their homebaking turned into the business that it is today.

All of Homebaked by Sacha’s treats are homage to stories that go way back to Chanel’s childhood and the people that touched her heart. They have brazo cups, cheesecake, crinkles, and keto bibingka – all of which have sweet stories behind them. Their Keto Bibingka is a definite must-try! It will give you that warm and happy feeling that you usually get during Christmas – except you can have this any time of the year. It’s so addicting, I’m not afraid to admit that I didn’t want to share it with my family. :p

“The happiness that I feel when I bake is shared in our treats and we are able to produce quality treats for a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste,” says Chanel. “We want to spread awareness that being healthy means being able to enjoy what you want to eat.”

Nacho Macho MNL (@nachomacho.mnl)

Photo from Nacho Macho MNL

Yes, you read that right. There is a keto nacho bake in town! Nacho Macho MNL was started by two young teenagers, Kelsey and Kelshia, with the support and help of their parents. While nachos at restaurants may be high in carbohydrates, Nacho Macho’s nacho bake is low carb and high in fat because they slow cook the ground beef until its own oil comes out. They don’t use artificial cooking oil, sugar, or starch, either.

Despite no one in their family being on the ketogenic diet, Nacho Macho MNL decided to make their nachos keto-friendly, so that people who are on the diet can try their nachos without worrying about the calories. If you are on a ‘strict diet’, they pack their nacho chips separately so you don’t have to eat them if you don’t want to. While nachos might not seem like a go-to health choice, you might be surprised by their potential health benefits when created to suit a keto recipe!

Ketos of Manila (@ketosofmanila)

Ketos of Manila started three years ago because they wanted to help people on their health and weight loss journey. After hearing feedback from customers that it has become even more challenging to eat healthy and stay in shape during quarantine, they decided to launch the Keto Reset program – a meal plan that offers tasty ketogenic meal plans and rewards dieters.

To help people restart their keto journey, Ketos of Manila has also launched the Keto Reset Kit. By ordering a 2-week meal plan, you will receive a special package containing healthy sugar-free ketogenic treats from the Sugar-Free Bakery. This includes their bestseller, the Seriously Sugar-Free Milk Tea, and their newly launched exclusives: Keto Coffee Loaf, Keto Sweet & Salty Brownies, and Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies.

All of their items are sugar-free, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and 100% ketogenic-approved. “One of the biggest mental barriers when sticking to a diet is the feeling of being deprived of sugar and sweets, so we decided to offer sugar-free sweets to reward people to eat well, lose weight, and stay happy,” explaims James Yulo Chi, Founder and CEO of the Feel Good Food Group, makers of Ketos of Manila, Eat’s Life Manila, and The Sugar-Free Bakery. The Keto Reset Kit starts at P5900 for a 10-day Keto meal plan and exclusive sugar-free treats.

Guiltlessgoodiesph (@guiltlessgoodiesph)

Photo from Guiltlessgoodiesph

Guiltlessgoodiesph serves keto, gluten-free, low-carb, and sugar-free desserts. Since they love sweets but aren’t fans of sugar, they use erythritol to sweeten their desserts, making them diabetic-friendly with a low glycemic index. Their goodies are freshly homebaked and 100% keto-approved. They use premium ingredients like almond flour and coconut flour instead of wheat flour and sugar.That’s why they’re completely guilt-free!

Guiltlessgoodiesph came to fruition in June when the owner, professional makeup artist Aica Latay, decided to lose weight and started to bake low-carb desserts. Add to that the fact that gigs were cancelled and rescheduled during the pandemic, and it seemed like the right time to open a small business. “I love to take photos of my makeup clients, but now I’m taking photos of my baked goodies,” Aica shares.

After some research, Aica chose her favorites, like classic chocolate chip cookies, donuts, cheesy muffins, and crinkles. Aica shares: “Studies show that a low-carb diet can make it easier to lose weight and control your blood sugar. In fact, almost any diet that helps you shed excess weight can reduce or even reverse risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Now you can eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied because Guiltlessgoodiesph is low-carb.” If you are craving for a healthy treat, this is a great alternative. No wheat, no sugar. Just delicious homebaked healthy desserts!

Chrisha’s Kitchen (

Photo by Diane Nicole Go of @friedandprejudice

Chrisha grew up loving baking; but this unfortunately led to her gaining a lot of weight, as well. After discovering the ketogenic diet and shedding the fats she had worked so hard to lose, she tried finding good desserts… but to no avail. Since there weren’t any keto bakers around at the time, Chrisha did her own research and started baking for home consumption.

“I had to study all the ingredients that I could use and not kick me out of ketosis and something my diabetic dad could enjoy,” she shares. “More than satisfying my sweet cravings, I was happier to see my dad finally enjoy an honest-to-goodness sugar-free dessert without worrying about spiking his blood sugar!” Little did Chrisha know that there were a lot of other people desperately looking for good keto desserts. “My goal is to make keto-friendly cakes which taste like the real thing…because why eat cake that doesn’t taste like cake?”

Well, she has definitely succeeded as all of her cakes aren’t just works of art; they are downright delicious, too! And yes, they taste like actual non-keto cakes. So. Good. Read our full review of Chrisha’s Kitchen here.

Sili ni Santie (@silinisantie)

Sili ni Santie Chili Oil Chili Garlic Bottled Goods


Sili ni Santie started out as a recipe for the owner’s dad who often complained about the chili sauce at groceries and Chinese restaurants. He could never seem to find the right sauce to suit his tastebuds. As a high school student, Camille then tried blending several combinations for him until her garlic and chili and oil combination finally got his approval. Although she never had any intentions of selling it, the time came to do so when her mom had a stroke and they decided to give out the chili sauce as Christmas gifts. After that, the recipients kept ordering.

As you can see, Sili ni Santie is made out of pure love for her parents. In fact, even the packaging is handcrafted and designed that way so that Camille’s mom, who can only use her left side fully, can give out the gift sets with one hand. Sili ni Santie wasn’t originally made to be keto-friendly, but then Camille’s friends who were on the diet pointed out that it was.

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