These 7 Stores for Delicious Korean Food Delivery Could be Your New Seoulmates

Craving for Korean food, but don’t want to go out? We’ve discovered these awesome online stores that offer Korean food delivery, so you can get your Korean food fix whenever the cravings hit!

These 7 Stores for Delicious Korean Food Delivery Could be Your New Seoulmates

7. Homemade Korean Food by Tres Marias (@hkfbytresmarias)


Location: Diliman, Quezon City

Tres Marias Korean Food

Photo from Homemade Korean Food by Tres Marias

Althea Allarde is a 24-year-old aspiring chef from Lyceum-Manila. During the pandemic, she took her love of Korean food and Korean dramas, and channeled it into a business called Homemade Korean Food by Tres Marias. Althea shares that she started making Korean food by watching food recipes and reading recipes online. She started with bibimbap, gimbap, kimchi rice, and stir-fried odeng. Despite the challenges of learning a new type of cuisine, Althea pushed through and her business is now where it is today.

From fresh products with meat (bibimbap and gimbap) to handy and quick snacks (tteokbokki and odeng) to filling meals for dinner (samgyupsal), Homemade Korean Food by Tres Marias has something for every lover of Korean food out there. “I’d like to think we are doing something fun, especially during quarantine when we cannot eat Korean barbecue as much as we used to,” Althea says. All of their food products are made from scratch, by the way, and are made the way Filipinos with a Korean heart would love them. Try them out now!

6. Cafe Constancia (@cafeconstanciaph)


Location: Quezon City

Cafe Constancia Korean hotdogs Korean food

Photo from Cafe Constancia

Ever had Korean corn dogs before? Café Constancia is a freshly established business that made its name by serving crowd favorite Korean style corn dogs known for their crunchiness and mouthwatering cheese pulls. The business started amidst the pandemic when the owners decided to offer the convenient experience of eating Korea’s mouthwatering corndogs right here in the Philippines.

Aside from their cheesy and unique flavors, the main highlight of their products is the wide variety of signature dips that comes free with every order. The hot dogs are HUGE, by the way, and are ultra-affordable, ranging from only 59 to 99 pesos per corn dog. You can also get an entire box with every flavor (which I highly recommend doing!) for only 380 pesos. Every flavor is well worth trying and if you love cheese, you are sure to be blown away even more!

5. Dishes by Boo (@dishesbyboo)


Location: Quezon City

Dishes by Boo Kimchi Rice

Photo from Dishes by Boo

Since graduating as a food technologist, Jillian Tan has been working as a product developer for a multinational seasoning and flavoring company. Her experiences and training in that particular company helped her develop the necessary knowledge and skills in balancing the different flavors that go well in a dish. Her line of work eventually developed into a passion for cooking. Due to the free time brought about by the pandemic, Jillian has been able to rekindle her passion for cooking, and Dishes by Boo was launched.

Dishes by Boo offers kimchi fried rice because of how the recent KBBQ craze has highlighted Korean food. Given the current situation in the Philippines, Jillian felt it was the right time to provide a way to satisfy people’s cravings for kimchi. Dishes by Boo’s Kimchi Fried Rice ensures authenticity and quality by using Spam and kimchi imported from Korean suppliers, as well as short-grain rice and samgyupsal slices. It will definitely satisfy your cravings in no time! They don’t use any spicy paste, MSG, or artificial flavorings in their kimchi fried rice, either. You can even get heart-shaped eggs customized if you want – too cute!

4. Mai Korean Delish (@maikoreandelish)


Location: Sta. Ana Manila

Mai Korean Delish Korean street food

Photo from Mai Korean Delish

Mai Vasquez’s favorite place to travel to is South Korea. As such, it isn’t a surprise that she decided to sell Korean food during quarantine. She started by cooking the popular stir-fried fishcakes of Korea. After posting it on her Facebook account, she received an overwhelming response that she didn’t really expect. After that eureka moment, she decided to add more Korean dishes and establish her own brand: a one-stop online store where people can satisfy their cravings for authentic Korean food.

From odeng to jjangmyeon to hotteok to japchae to tteokkochi, Mai Korean Delish has a wide selection of products that ensures that every bite will take your tastebuds to Korea at a very reasonable price. As part of the Madiskarteng Boss Club on Grab Express PH, they also offer different promotes in terms of their food and delivery service.

3. Chicken Chingu (@chickenchinguph)


Locations: Katipunan, Sct. Tobias, Aurora, and Makati

Chicken Chingu Korean chicken Korean food

Photo from Chicken Chingu

Chicken Chingu was started by a group of friends who love to eat and travel a lot. After experiencing great food from different countries, they decided that Filipinos should be able to experience quality international food without having to spend a ton on plane tickets, as well. They focused on Korean fried chicken after they realized the hold that the Korean wave seems to have on the country.

Chicken Chingu has popular Korean fried chicken flavors available – Classic, Honey Soy, and Garlic – as well as Yangnyeom, which has different levels of spiciness depending on your personal preference. Due to customer demand, they also have Butter Parmesan and Sriracha. For all of their products, they use nothing but authentic Korean recipes and ingredients. Their chicken is lightly battered, crispy, moist, boneless, and oh-so-flavorful. Eat it with some cold soju or beer (or both) for the ultimate Korean experience!

2. Many Topokki Philippines (@manytopokkiph)

4munchers Many Toppoki Tteokbokki Korean Food

Photo from Many Topokki Philippines

Topokki (also known as tteokbokki, teokbokki, ddeokbokki, and dukboki) literally translates to ‘stir-fried rice cake’, and is a highly popular Korean street food and comfort food. Along with local Korean partners, a group of friends came together to venture into food entrepreneurship in the form of Many Topokki Philippines. They decided on this food concept as it is very popular in Korea and Korean culture has an increasing influence on the country. Since their initial plan to open a physical branch didn’t push through due to the pandemic, they decided to let people experience their food from the comforts of their own homes instead. So, for now, everyone can experience the convenience and delicious of their food through their Many Topokki instant packs.

Many Topokki is very particular with the taste and texture of the rice cakes. “We wanted to make sure that people would
taste an authentic Korean topokki snack without the need for much preparation,” they share. In terms of flavor, they tweaked it a little to cater to the Filipino palate. As for the preparations, it is incredibly easy! All you have to do is place the rice cakes in a pot, add the powder ingredients, and let it boil for a few minutes. When the rice cakes are soft and the sauce is thick, you’ll know it’s ready – easy peasy! You can control the spice level by adding other ingredients like milk, sugar, cream, and cheese if needed. You can also get completely creative and make it your own with your choice of add-ons. Even though it is technically an “instant” pack, it doesn’t taste “instant” at all! Sooooo good!

1. Chic ‘N Bae (@chicnbae)


Location: Valenzuela

Chick N Bae Korean chicken Korean food

Photo from Chic ‘N Bae

Long-time friends Gerald Galang, Sherluck Estrella, Carissa Nery, and Keith Quizon partnered up to start Chic ‘N Bae as it had always been their dream to put up their own bar and restaurant. Because of the pandemic, however, they decided to test the waters for now by selling Korean fried chicken online. Gerald shares that they decided on Korean fried chicken because he lived in Korea for a year and their culture is close to his heart. “My Korean friends taught me the fine art of ‘chicken and beer’ and I was lucky enough my partners loved the idea to make something of the same concept,” he adds. Since K-dramas are also quite a trend nowadays, they believe there is really a market for their products.

Chic ‘N Bae’s menu is based on all-time favorite Korean classic flavors. They have their own original flavor (Original Chic), honey-glazed (Honey Bae), classic spicy (Spychi), lemon-glazed (Lemonae), and cheesy barbecue (Cheesy BaeBQ) on assorted chicken thighs, drummettes, and wings. They also have their own add-on dips (Garlic Mayo and Spychi Mayo) to go with all of their flavors.

What’s your favorite kind of Korean food? 🙂

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