Stop complaining that you’re in the friendzone

A lot of things can happen with someone you like, and one of the most crushing is being “friendzoned.” Simply put, being friendzoned is when someone doesn’t reciprocate any romantic or sexual feelings, and sees the other person only as a friend. I’ve heard this from men, some of whom claim to be so nice that women only see them in a platonic way.

This sounds innocent enough but I personally can’t stand those who complain about being put in the friendzone. It’s as if they’re saying that they shouldn’t be there and it’s the woman’s fault for putting them there. By questioning the woman’s decision to turn him down, it’s as if the woman has no choice but to submit to him.

There’s also a strange logic to the thought that they were friendzoned because they were too nice. Were they being nice because it’s an expected human trait or were they waiting for something in return? And more importantly, should a man be rude to get a woman’s heart?

A woman, or anyone for that matter, has the right to say no. She shouldn’t be compelled to date or sleep with someone just because they were “nice.” Because that would mean she would have to sleep with everyone because kindness is an expected trait.

Listen, it sucks to be rejected. But a person doesn’t owe you anything for being friendly. And frankly speaking, you weren’t turned down because you were nice. There was probably something about you they weren’t attracted to. Or there was someone else who had more to offer. We don’t know. Dating is confusing.

You’re not always going to get what you want. And that’s okay because you’re not attracted to everyone who likes you, right? And let’s be honest: being friendzoned is so much better than being seenzoned.

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