Stitch: Cool Laptop Bags for the Stylish You

When I was looking for a laptop bag, I always came across imported products that were very expensive. Luckily, I saw Stitch. I personally love local products. It is a great way of helping Filipinos, especially start-ups. Stitch is one of the few cool start-ups that concentrates on selling online. They have cool laptop bags and bag organizers that look classy and aren’t very expensive.

Stich: Cool Laptop Bags for the Stylish You

Stitch concentrates on what their customers need: quality and a tailored fit for any kind of lifestyle. The design of the laptop bag is similar to a messenger bag, which is very stylish and will suit any OOTD.


The laptop bag can fit any 14-inch laptop with dimensions of 15″x10″. Since it is 2.5″ in width, you can also fit a few documents or accessories into it. It is available in Red, Camel, Brown and Black.


The material of the bag is also lightweight, so you don’t have to carry around double your laptop’s weight. It doesn’t look too much like a laptop bag, either, but more like a casual bag that you would normally carry around everyday.

Aside from laptop bags, Stitch Manila also sells bag organisers, which are perfect for your Stitch laptop bag and other bags.

Stitch Manila


Instagram: @stitch_mnl

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