Steve Harvey Wins the Internet with “Merry Easter” Photo

Steve Harvey recently committed the blunder of the year when he mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015 instead of Miss Philippines. He instantly rectified the situation by apologising onstage and crowning the rightful Miss U, but people all over the Internet still lashed out at him and called him names despite his apology.

Well, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who hide after a mistake and wait for the fuss to die down and those who learn to laugh at themselves and accept and own their mistakes. Steve Harvey is clearly part o the latter as he posted this photo on his Facebook page on Christmas Day with the caption “Merry Easter y’all!!!”

steve harvey merry easterPhoto from Steve Harvey’s official Facebook page.

What a way to spread positive vibes this holiday season. 🙂 We love you, Steve Harvey!