Heads Up: Steve Harvey’s “T**gina nyo” Tweet is Fake

During all of the hullabaloo associated with Miss Universe 2015, including Steve Harvey’s apology tweet where he misspelled both “Philippines” and “Colombia”, another tweet allegedly tweeted by Steve Harvey circulated the Internet wherein he wrote “As my Filipino friend taught me, T**ina nyo, Philippines. I’m very sorry for what happened during the announcement.”
steve harvey t**gina nyo tweet

This screenshot does not belong to us, but has been circulating all over the Internet.

Hilarious, right? For some, maybe. Unfortunately, there are also others who got really angry, especially after all of the drama that ensued, and started throwing even more hate Steve Harvey’s way.


I know things like this can be funny to share, whether it is real or not, but this 2016, let’s all try to be more responsible on the Internet (April Fool’s Day excluded! :p) and practice responsible media. After all, every person has the power to make things trend. Feel free to share, but let’s also all try to make sure we do proper research on things and mention whether something is real or not when we know it. 🙂 #ResponsibleMedia