Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game” Will Also Be Turned into a Movie!

Novelist Stephen King is having a moment: his works ItThe MistThe Dark TowerCastle Rock (a mash-up of the writer’s work), and Mr. Mercedes are getting their own TV and movie adaptations. Now, there’s an addition to a growing list of the horror writer’s works translated to the screen, because his novel Gerald’s Game is about to get a film adaptation!

The adaptation will be available on Netflix and the streaming platform has just released a trailer.

Watch it below:

Gerald’s Game was published in 1992 follows Jessie and Gerald, a married couple who goes to their secluded cabin in order to fix their marriage. The two try to reinvigorate their sex life by handcuffing Jessie to the bed. When she balks, she accidentally kills her husband and she is trapped handcuffed to the bed.

The adaptation will star Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood.

It will be available for streaming on September 29.

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