Step into the dazzling world of BALLY Spring/Summer 2023: A Transatlantic Fashion Adventure!

Get ready to witness a cosmopolitan fusion of European luxury with a dose of American flair. Rhuigi Villaseñor, the brilliant Creative Director, brings a renaissance to BALLY, infusing Swiss craftsmanship with a touch of Hollywood glamour and humor.

BALLY SS23 CAMPAIGN By Harley Weir MAIN ADV IMAGES 1 e1691562452801

This collection, named ECDYSIS, is a celebration of radical luxury, where Swiss leather craftsmanship meets sporty ease and cinematic nostalgia. Tiger print silk velvet suits, summer wools, and shantung silk pajamas dance alongside denim and opulent metallics, creating a captivating wardrobe for the well-traveled trendsetter.

Chris Nick Cristina Puno Angelique Manto and David Guison

Explore the world of BALLY accessories, featuring Swiss-inspired watch and toy nods, adorned with stylish chains and chokers. The House’s new stylized figure-8 emblem, inspired by elastic-making tradition, adds a chic touch to bags and accessories.

But that’s not all! Feast your eyes on the expanded footwear collection, filled with sculpted sandals, crystal mesh boots, and playful Mary Janes with Cuban heels. A true melting pot of radical luxury awaits you – a captivating blend of the old world and the new.

Rhian Ramos and Max Collins scaled e1691562421254

ECDYSIS: A Metamorphosis of style – shedding the old for a fresh and exciting new fashion chapter. Don’t miss this transformative journey with BALLY Spring/Summer 2023!