Stem Cell Manila: Needles that You Don’t Have to Fear

Some people get mini heart attacks from having to be pricked by a needle, whether it be for vaccinations, drawing blood, or any other reason. Just feeling the sudden change in the air and the way the nurse tries to comfort me (“It’s like an ant bite, relax”), my body starts to freeze almost on queue, my heart beats faster, and I sweat everywhere.

Why are needles so terrifying, though? If you think about it, the pain isn’t even that bad. It really is manageable and can truly be compared to a small ant bite. I think what makes it terrifying is the fact that we anticipate it. It’s the suspense that kills us when in reality, being pricked by a small needle can help fight diseases, detect elements, help alleviate pain, and so much more. After getting dengue, I got used to the needles and realized they aren’t that bad. As ridiculous as it sounds, all you need is practice.

Of course, practicing doesn’t mean grabbing the nearest needle and just poking around. Stem Cell Manila is a company that best utilizes these needles to your benefit.

They have various drips that can aid you in different areas. Take the multi vitamin drip, for example. I tried this when I had a fever and a really bad case of a cough and a cold. The next day, my fever started to subside, and my cough and cold followed the next few days. It’s amazing how simple vitamins can work wonders! This is also because the vitamins took the shortest route possible. Unlike capsules and tables that need to dissolve, the vitamins were directly injected into my bloodstream and my body immediately felt the benefits.

That’s not all! They also have a wide range of drips: glutathione, anti-aging, weight loss, and even the extraordinary hangover drip, as well as stem cell therapy for diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Psoriasis, Hypertension, and more. Stem cells are unspecified cells meaning that can be manipulated to be any cell that we need it to be. This has helped countless people survive conditions that were once considered to be untreatable.

However, if needles really aren’t for you, they also have the Ondamed treatment which relaxes and tunes your body’s energy frequencies for a stronger immune system, also reducing inflammation and pain. This is considered to be like modern acupuncture without the needles. It gives you the same effect, but without the multiple mini heart attacks. They simply attach a device to your neck and another device by your chest, and you’re good to go! Within a few minutes, I noticed my body relaxing and I eventually fell into a nice somber nap that jumpstarted my day!

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