Stay Stylish this Summer with Salt Swim

It has always been hard to find nice swimwear. Not because of the limited selection but because there are just so much to choose from!

I’ve always wanted a swimwear that can double as everyday wear or resort wear. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Salty Swim on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their classic colors and designs.

Stay Stylish this Summer with Salty Swim

Each swimsuit is packaged in this cute little canvas bag where you can store it for safekeeping. This is actually a plus so you won’t lose the top or bottom of your swimwear. You can also use the bag to store your toiletries while traveling.

Stay Stylish this Summer with Salty Swim

What I love about Salt Swim is their classic designs. This Halter Design is pretty cool as I can actually use it as a crop top and pair it with some palazzo pants or a high-waist skirt. It is also very stylist for resort wear; it is not the typical string bikini you can buy at department stores.

Stay Stylish this Summer with Salty Swim

The halter style comes in two designs. One is with a keyhole design in front paired with a g-string type bikini bottom. I am used to bottoms that are a bit bulky or in a boyleg design, so it’s actually a breath of fresh air to find a local brand who has designs like this.

Stay Stylish this Summer with Salty Swim

My favorite is this design which is called the Amelia in Midnight Blue. It fits just right and hugs the body in all the right places. Salt Swim swimwears are quality-made that you wouldn’t have to worry about needing to buy a new swimsuit soon.

Complete your summer with some stylish swimwear, and don’t forget to catch some sun! Stay salty!

Salt Swim
Instagram: @saltswim_

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