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The next day, before I got ready for work, I decided to meet the unit owner. I wanted to meet the person who just seemed to be such an expert at having her home rented out online. I’m glad I got to meet Janice, I got to meet such a lovely person who taught me a lot about having your place rented out or even sold. She also told me about how making her listings on PandaBed has been easy and profitable for her. She currently has 8 units being rented out with two more being fixed up and prepped up for the her next listing. One of the amazing things about her is that she is quite young and yet she has all these units, which she says, she worked hard abroad for and now, thanks to websites like Pandabed and a lot of perseverance, she enjoys spending most of her time in Manila or traveling around the world! What an inspiring lady!




The rest of the days I spent in Manila was spent either working outside or staying in and spending time with friends whom I haven’t seen in a while and for a few days, this unit really felt like home to me, thanks to the Janice who thought of just about everything to make my stay comfortable and hassle-free.


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Thanks to PandaBed, I am now confident that I will always find a great home or great unit to stay in whenever I come to Manila for a visit or even when I travel abroad.

So when in Manila or even when traveling in Asia and need to book a home away from home, or if you have a beautiful unit or home you want to rent out, Pandabed might just be the website that could help you. So go on, get outta here and start clicking away as you book that next staycation in your city or the next vacation in other neighboring countries! :)




Helpline: +65 93743550


Instagram: @pandabed






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