Stay at This Instagrammable and Relaxing Resort In Negros Oriental For Only 300 Pesos

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting (@dsdsrtytng)

Many quiet places like the quaint Negros Oriental, the eastern part of Negros Island, known for Apo Island, sometimes surprise backpackers or travel enthusiasts of what it has more to offer. Others would say that there is not much to do in the place unlike the neighboring provinces Cebu or Bacolod but if you would truly explore, you’ll find this resort/camp that will transport you to a tropical paradise that will soothe your senses and release the stress in you.

Forest Camp, located at Valencia, Negros Oriental will surely be one of the backpackers/budget travelers’ favorite because of its affordable offerings but winning treats. You get to have an Instagrammable and relaxing experience for as low as only 300 pesos!

Literally a Forest Camp

A fine day to float the bad vibes away

The name of the resort speaks for its purpose. This three-hectare land is filled with luscious plants, flowers, and trees of different kinds personally crafted by its proprietors, Melba Vicuña and family since 1997 (yes, this beauty is now 21 years old!), coming from their love of plants. This number just proves how well-maintained it is until today, now managed by Kris Vicuña and supervised by Adrian Alvarez.

This sight alone is already refreshing

The resort has a total of nine swimming pools, four of which are kiddie pools and five for adults, which makes the place great for family bonding of all ages!

Here’s one hallmark that makes people come back to them. Let the swimming pools’ secret be known – their water is a mix of river and spring water naturally filtered and flowing 24/7. When you visit the camp, you’ll see the river is right beside its pools. Seriously no chlorine! They drain the pools’ water and refill daily. It’s definitely like you’re plunging into a real natural lagoon!

Set up your tent or hammock for just 300PHP!

Imagine setting up your hammock and waking up to this ambiance

You’ll be getting the R and R you want in this forest set-up at just an affordable rate of 300 pesos! True enough, this is a winner for backpackers and budget travelers. You can bring your own hammock, set it up their hammock houses or Forest Camp will provide.

There is a tent rental of 300 pesos as well if you forgot to bring your own. This is already for 3-4 persons with sleeping bags and beddings. And one more thing, they also offer free bonfire along with these rates! Talk about ‘sulit!’

The River Villa is good for 4 people.

A peek inside the villa. There are two other beds on the other side

They also have cottages for family of big sizes or for couples complete with bathrooms and, of course, access to all amenities.

The place is just so IG-worthy

Save up a lot of poses because almost all parts of the resort is IG-worthy!

Admit it or not, we come and visit a place because it’s picturesque and can definitely make our Instagram feeds grand. Forest Camp won’t disappoint! The area resembles the tropic Bali, Indonesia and with just the right angles, your next ‘gram post will hit a lot of double taps!

The hanging bridge to the River Villa and hammock houses. Under this bridge is the flowing water from Banica River.

Visit them during their Full Moon Party

The place is tranquil for sure but can also get loud and handle a party! They usually throw a “Full Moon Party” monthly wherein they invite DJs and bands playing live with overflowing drinks for only 200 pesos! You just know when a place is all for fun. Catch their main full moon event every summer and enjoy lots of beer pongs and singing along.

Big breakfast plates ranging from 150 to 170 pesos

Last but not the least, having your dinner or waking up to a delicious breakfast at Forest Camp will make your stay even more worthy. Here are our favorites from their in-house diner, Mommy Baba’s Garden House:

Exotic, you say? Try their Crocodile Sisig!

The taste of their Fresh Lumpia with its delicious sauce is unforgettable.

Not only that, they also serve cocktails and brews from their bar menu like daiquiri, margarita, tequila and more only ranging from 50-80 pesos!

Can you now picture yourself here?

If you’re in Negros Oriental for relaxation or adventure (or even a bit of both!), Forest Camp is one of the perfect choices for you. Staying here is not your typical vacay again but definitely a lot more extra, being one with nature for a while. They also cater big events such as birthdays, meetings or seminars. Aside from that, they can help you with your tours around tourist destinations such as Twin Lakes or Pulang-Bato falls and more. You can also try out their activities such as their zip line called “Zipee” (which you should go and find out why this name was given to it), wall climbing and horseback riding.

Now add Forest Camp to that bucket list and you’ll see Negros Oriental not the same way again.

Forest Camp

Apolong, Valencia, Negros Oriental


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