Starts with Juan: Changing the World Juan Home at a Time

Mapua Interior Design Exhibit 2016 (MIDX) Presents

“Starts with Juan: Changing the World Juan Home at a Time”


Design imbued with a sense of social responsibility, proving that interior design is a useful tool to enhance user-experience, the interior design students of Mapua Institute of Technology presents an exhibit entitled “Starts with Juan: Changing the World Juan Home at a Time”.An Interior Design Graduating Exhibit featuring a renovation project where creativity, passion, and knowledge were fused to create an enhanced living experience for orphans.

The graduating class of BS Interior Design of Mapua Institute of Technology, comprised of 13 hopeful individuals, unveils on 12 December (Monday), the product of their creativity, hopes and aspirations – the “STARTS WITH JUAN” renovation project. Designing and building for a cause, ”Starts with Juan” project showcases the fully renovated 217 sqm living space of the St. Joseph Dormitory (second floor) in Hospicio de San Jose in Manila. It is a complete shelter package for boys ages 6 to 14 (from staircase leading to the second floor, to the living room, dining room, kitchen, kids’ bedroom, staff bedroom, and bathroom). This entire floor was raged by fire in August 2016, and was never restored until this project was offered by Hospicio de San Jose.

In recent years, it has been the program’s advocacy to take their endeavors a step further by extending Mapuan design services to charitable institutions that need improvement and/or restoration of their facilities at no cost to the institution. In support of this program, the class chose Hospicio de San José as its partner institution. Hospicio de San Jose is a foster care institution that has been a home for orphans, the abandoned, special needs, and the elderly. Embed with the Mapuan core values of discipline, excellence and commitment, the objective is to complete an interior design project which shall be permanently built and used by people who deserve a safe and healthy environment.

Inspired from the popular video game “Super Mario,” this “world of adventure” concept is translated into design, and built into a “world of reality.” In semblance, the students’ ‘world of theories” concept is also translated into design, and built into a “world of greater opportunities.”

Step into the world of adventure and new beginnings for the children of the future.

This project is for little juans’ journey to finding their home.

Opening its doors on December 12, 2016

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