Start Your 2019 Right With These Durable, Waterproof, Eco-friendly Araw-araw Planners

Words by Micah Avry Guiao

Photos by Micah Avry Guiao

The appeal of productivity is something we all fall prey to. There’s something about purchasing a bulk of school and office supplies that showers us with a sense of fulfilment. Because what else says I’m getting my life together than a handful of pens, highlighters, and notebooks?

Personally, I’m not one to maintain a planner. Despite the countless times I’ve imagined myself sitting on a clean desk, drinking tea, listing my tasks for the day, I find it difficult to remain consistent in my planner usage.  The moment I skip entries for a few days, I tend to give up right away, and I’m certain there are others like me. Araw-araw planners, however, encourage you to take things day by day, as with all things.

Pleasing to look at and practical in its use, Araw-araw planners could replace all the productivity applications that have failed you. The possibilities of the every day is put into perspective—in 160 pages, to be exact.

With Araw-araw planners, you can say goodbye to wasted entries. Unlike your typical planners, Araw-araw doesn’t require you to start right from the beginning of the year. Araw-araw offers 12 monthly and 48 weekly spreads, all undated so you have the freedom to start as early or as late in the year as you wish. No pressure.

What’s best about Araw-araw planners is that its pages are made of 120 gsm rock paper. This mineral-based medium not only makes it waterproof, but it is also resistant to oil and tearsperfect for nights when all you want to do is cry at the amount of work you’re burdened to do without worrying about your planner getting wet. Not to mention, it’s a more eco-friendly alternative to regular paper.

Aside from pinning down your day-to-day tasks, it also offers pages sectioned and labeled as “year at a glance,” hobbies, passion projects, logs, year-end review, and notes. The month and weekly portion even provides inspiring quotes to get you through the day.

Each planner comes with an exclusive pen roll from Gouache Bags in two colorwaysgrey and bluewhich can then be used to wrap around your Araw-araw planner as a clasp. These pen rolls are made of high quality waxed canvas.

Aesthetic-wise, I’m a sucker for all things neat and pastel, so receiving the planner was definitely a treat for the eyes.

Every purchase is then donated to an InvestEd scholar, giving them a planner of their own. The InvestEd Student Loan is the only comprehensive student loan program in the Philippines that allows the unbanked youth to finish their college degrees. This reminder of a good deed also doubles as a bookmark and ruler.

What are you waiting for? Purchase your own Araw-araw planner now! 

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