Start ’em young: This 9-year-old’s got a passion for collectibles and vlogging!

It’s never too early to start doing what you love!

Even at only 9 years old, Rylan Calvin Tuazon has developed a passion for vlogs and collectibles. With the guidance and permission from his parents, he has uploaded videos of his own online. He opts to become as successful as his biggest online influencers, Stephen and Carter Sharer and group Dude Perfect.

What do these influencers have in common? They are passionate about their craft. Calvin is no different from his YouTube idols.

At nine, Calvin already has collected over a thousand miniature toys, cars and stuffed toys – something he has grown fond of at a tender age.

His mom Cecille shares to WHEN IN MANILA that she and her husband initially did not plan on building a collection of toys for him.

“This happened unintentionally. His miniatures were purchased from fast food kiddie meals. Some were free stuffed toys won from WOF, others even from gas stations. They were just kept inside a big box.”

A passion slowly developed over time.

“We [just] noticed one day that we almost had two big boxes of toys.” 

That’s when Calvin’s parents decided to put an area for his collectibles in their own humble home. Just look at that collection!

Cecille shares advice for parents in supporting their child’s endeavors that have developed early.

“As parents, our children are the best gift ever. They give us so much happiness and they inspire us more to live and work hard for them. Thus, we need to support them for whatever they are into. Whether they are into sports, writing, academics or blogging. As a parent, we don’t need to be just a good provider, but we also need to be their number one advisor and supporter.”

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