Star Magic Conducts Drug Test on 40 Celebrities

Star Magic Conducts Drug Test on 40 Celebrities

To support the current administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, talent management firm Star Magic recently conducted drug tests on 40 of its talents.

Star Magic told ABS-CBN News that it conducted the supervised tests to “belay rumors of drug use in its community” and to “keep our homes and working environments drug-free.”

Jake Cuenca, Enrique Gil, Diego Loyzaga, and the rest of the talents were found to be 100% negative of drugs. However, Star Magic did not release the names of the 37 other artists.

ABS-CBN PR manager Thess Gubi noted that the three were named to dispel rumors that they are included in President Rodrigo Duterte’s list of those partaking illegal drugs. She added that there will be more in the coming months.

The artists were informed weeks ago that this test would be done, but mentioned that it is not mandatory.

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