Stages Sessions Offers You a Smorgasbord of Indie music at Saguijo

Written by Tiffany Tolones

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The night was filled with a spectrum of musical tastes as performers enthralled the audience with their dynamic styles. Stages Sessions: The Gig Circuit is on its second gig tour and it was on Saguijo Bar in Makati, the iconic events place known as the home of rising indie artists and huge supporters of the indie scene.

While the night started late, everything was worth it for everyone, Indie fans or not. Saguijo provided the perfect intimate experience for the audience to savor the moment of music, love and sharing. Stages Sessions showcases us with the fresh Filipino talents in the Indie scene.

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Various musicians performed their hearts out on the gig for our TGIF moment:


Coeli Gig circuit

Coeli, pronounced as /che-li/, warmed up the night with her classical and acoustic crossover with her song “Waves.” Her gentle lullaby soothes everyone’s feelings; it feels as if she peers through the soul. Her music gently sets the mood and ambiance. Suddenly, I was transported from the punk Saguijo to a whole new world.

“Waves” aptly describes her music. It “gently caresses every part of my soul.”

IV of Spades

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The youthful and energizing performance of this four-member band made my blood rush to my cheeks…literally. After a calming gentle performance of Coeli, this band came like a thunder and made everyone scream with excitement. Not to mention, these guys are in for their skills and gorgeous looks!

Their music style makes you dance to the beat; their skills, superb. The striking factor for their music is the dynamic beats of the drums and the second voice provided by Zildjian.

One Click Straight

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One Click Straight engages the audience with their summer-vibe music. Everyone was clapping with the guitar break to sing along their song, “Begging.” They also sang “Small Talk” a song about giving 100% effort to someone only to discover in the end that it was all just small talk for the other. Ouch.

Taken by Cars

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The dream pop music by Taken By Cars gives a relaxed and chill ambiance for the audience. With their third album “Plagues” finally out after six years, the band gives us another dose of their dreamy and enchanting music with their songs “Turn of the Tide” and “Floods.”

Fools and Foes

At first it was chilling, then it was rapid and exhilarating. Fools and Foes takes you to a roller coaster ride of emotions. They have a mysterious yet enchanting music. Each song can make you feel drawn in–like a maze. Like you could just get lost in their labyrinth. You’re lost and you love it.


“Laro” is the one of the hottest songs in the charts today and one of the tracks electro pop artist Autotelic perfomed. If Fools and Foes gives you a roller coaster ride, Autotelic offers you a carpool ride. Their songs are the songs you would sing when you’re driving down the highway on a breezy evening.

“Laro” is inspired by different Filipino outdoor games used as the imagery to describe the relationship of two people.

Are these bands your favorites? Catch more gigs of Stages Session: The Gig Circuit for more of your favorite bands. Support Indie and show them some love!


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