Stage Camp 2012 presents HERE RIGHT NOW, A One Night Only Cabaret

When in Manila, come and watch 9 Works Theatrical’s STAGE CAMP!

Weeks 4 and 5 of 9 Works Theatrical’s Adult Class of Stage Camp just went by! And let me just say that it is becoming more and more challenging for me, but then again, I’m also excited to see myself and my other classmates each step out of our comfort zones.

You know in those ninja movies where the sensei asks the student to wipe windows or sweep the floor and the kid has no idea why they were doing it, but somehow we all know there’s a lesson being taught? Well, that’s how our first 2 weeks of Stage Camp somehow went. We did a variety of exercises all to teach us about energy and getting comfortable with ourselves. These small exercises somehow pieced together in the end and in became clearer to us that we weren’t just playing, we were learning.

After 2 and a half weeks of that, it was time to prepare for our production number. HERE RIGHT NOW, A ONE NIGHT ONLY CABARET. Hope you guys don’t miss it! (Though part of me doesn’t want you guys to see me sing and dance!)


Stage Camp 2012 Poster

What: Here Right Now, A One Night Only Cabaret

When: June 2, 2012 (Saturday) at 8pm

Where: Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza

Ticket Prices: 300php

**Sponsors accepted! 500php for contributors (orchestra seats), for other packages, feel free to email me. My contact is at the bottom of this post

Directed by Topper Fabregas and Anthony Ong


…with special participation of the crazy cast! Smile



There will be several song numbers during the show, though I am unsure how many at the moment and 2 main group numbers! For the minor song numbers, I was assigned to sing with Stacey Villanueva and Dess Verzosa, 2 equally talented and sexy ladies. Our song number… will be a surprise! Let’s just say I really need to step out of my comfort zone! hehe





 Rehearsing our song with our 2 awesome directors!

As soon as we were taught the basics of our group number, everyone was already eager to start practicing. We practiced wherever we could – by the elevator shaft, the rooftop and the corridor! It’s inspiring to see how dedicated everyone is. I couldn’t be more thankful.




Exercising our Vocal Chords

I know I’ve said this a MILLION times, but I DON’T SING. haha Not that I don’t want to, in fact I actually love it, but I always sing out of tune and I hate it. So, I just don’t sing.. in front of people. Anyway, I’m still trying my best at rehearsals and my classmates are also giving all that they can. They have beautiful voices and I’m really in awe every time they sing!



Our teachers Topper Fabregas and Anthony Ong on the other hand are REALLY REALLY talented! This class wouldn’t have turned out this great if not for them! Not only are they really good, but they have the patience and understanding to be able to share this talent with the rest!

So once again, I’m inviting you all to our show.


Tickets are sold at 300php each, but you can also be a contributor for 500php – this entitles you to an orchestra seat. Sponsors are again more than welcome!!! Just feel free to contact me at Smile

When in Manila, come and watch Stage Camp 2012’s HERE RIGHT NOW production!!!

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