Stage Camp 2012 by Nine Works Theatrical Week 3

Week 3 just ended, woohooo!! We’re getting closer and closer to our theater group’s show date and we’re all starting to get both nervous and excited! This week had a lot of impromptu acts going on and they were all SO MUCH FUN as we all got to know a little bit more about each other!

Say Whaaatttt? A Gibberish Conversation at Stage Camp 2012

Gibberish is communicating using various noises, illegitimate words, or random sounds. In short, it’s talking in complete and utter nonsense. Weird as that may sound, it’s actually a lot of fun! Moreover, it allows actors to practice expressing ourselves through our facial and body language more.


Stage Camp 2012 gibberish

A Gibberish Act with (from L to R) Jen Tolentino as the translator, Karyl Factora as the Queen from a foreign land and AB Ferrer as the talk show host interviewing them

In the 3rd week of Stage Camp 2012, we all got to play around with our words as we began communicating with gibberish! At one point, the entire class was even asked to pretend to be in a shopping mall. What started out as individuals minding their own business, turned into one big group act as one member pretended to be a criminal! It was so much fun to see everyone just click and each story match into one big one!

Freeze!! Sing!! Play!! Act!!

Stage Camp 2012 machine

We also played a bunch of games this week at Stage Camp 2012! Most of the games taught us how to think fast and just let things come out naturally. Thing is when we think of acting, most people THINK TOO MUCH. We think about how our body should look, where our hands should go, etc. Truth is, we just need to feel something and our body will automatically follow. INTERNALIZE! Does that make sense? (Hope it does)

At one point, we even had to practice our impromptus with our bodies as the class joined forces to make a BIG MACHINE! Check out this short video to understand what I mean! It was so cool to see this come to life!

“Acting is doing… DOING WITH AN OBJECTIVE!”

Stage Camp 2012 Production

On June 2, 2012… We will also have our production number at RCBC Makati at 8pm. Our theater production is called HERE RIGHT NOW, other details are to follow!



Stage Camp 2012  singing

Our pianist Joseph Tolentino listening to Jazmine Zabala and Merryl Hernaez sing

So far, we’ve already been paired up and grouped for our respective song numbers. We’ll all be doing a variety of songs from different artists, plays, etc. that when merge together will be one helluva show! …pretty excited!!!

I’ll tell you guys more about that in the weeks to come! Just stay tuned!


Stage Camp 2012

Don’t forget to watch our show on June 2, 2012! And again, SPONSORS ARE ALWAYS welcome! Send me an email at for tickets and partnerships! Smile

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