Squatty Potty: The Right Way to Do a Number Two

Have you heard of Squatty Potty yet?

This isn’t a common topic for me to talk about, but millions of Filipinos out there are known to be constipated. Unfortunately, constipation can lead to different sicknesses hat can easily be avoided with better, well, bowel movements.

And that’s what Squatty Potty is here for: to help people create a natural squatting position while on the toilet for better toilet posture that can prevent constipation, colon disease, hemorrhoids and other similar problems.
squatty-potty-1Squatty Potty can help you get into the proper toilet posture for a healthier colon. As awkward as it is to hear this, people are actually designed to squat when doing a number two. Squatting can improve your ability to eliminate and help maintain a healthy colon by relaxing the muscles in the most convenient ands effective manner.

It won’t disturb anything in your bathroom, either, since it is easy to store. When you need it, just pull out, put it in a comfortable distance, place your feet on the footrests and do your business. Remember: the more you simulate a natural squatting position, the better.


Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. If anyone in your family has been having trouble with constipation, this can really come in handy!

Squatty Potty

Also available at Make Room in BGC, Rockwell and Alabang Town Center.

Website: http://squattypotty.ph

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SquattyPottyPH

Instagram: @squattypottyph

You can also order one through Lazada: http://www.lazada.com.ph/original-squatty-potty-7-white-6012317.html

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