#SquadGoals: Halloween Costumes are Better as a Group

As if it weren’t hard enough to come up with a creative Halloween costume, these guys did one better and dressed up as a whole team, spelling #squadgoals the world over!

Look! The Madison Events, Inc. team dressed up as Disney villains!


Photo from Madison Events’ Instagram account: @madisoneventsinc

Mark Zuckerberg’s family dressed up as vikings, a sheep and one adorable little dragon.


Check out this family of ninjas:


You may remember them from this article last year.

Of course, there’s this awesome Train to Busan gang:

Train4 e1477908712617

Read more about this here.

Coz everyone’s scared of commitment… :p


Photo from Renz Bulos

The Kramer squad ROCKS!!!


Photo from Doug Kramer’s Instagram account: @dougkramer44

And, while two people don’t exactly represent a ‘squad’, this is just too cute to pass up:


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his son as the pilot and the little prince in The Little Prince!

And then there are these epic guys:

Did you see any cool barkada or family Halloween costumes this year? Share them with us! 🙂