Sprout HR Experts: Disrupting the Benefits Ecosystem Through Innovation

Covid-19 continues to change the shape of the working conditions and challenges businesses to transform.

Startups must adapt and find ways to improve employee wellness, health, and productivity and to ultimately identify which programs matter the most.

Sprout HR Experts, presents the “Start-Up to Scale-Up” webinar, where we discuss the topic “Disrupting the Benefits Ecosystem Through Innovation.”

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It’s crucial to understand and support employees’ needs during the pandemic. Find out the most important employee benefits that all startups should offer in 2020. Join our Sprout Director of Innovations, Eduardo Gutierrez on Thursday, November 19, 2020, at 11:00 AM.

In this experiential webinar, Sprout’s CEO and founder, Patrick Gentry, will be sharing with you his experiences and pain points in starting his business, and further bring you Sprout’s journey.

Get ready with your questions for the fireside discussion with our very own legal expert, Atty. Jay-Ryan Trinidad. Our panelists will address them all during the webinar!

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Registration link: bit.ly/sprouthres4p7ep