Spray-On Nail Polish Exists And It Is The Future!

Remember those fun old times when applying nail polish was a difficult art in itself? I myself CAN’T apply nail polish on my fingernails to save my life!

Well, all of that is about to change. Nails Inc. JUST released a spray polish called Paint Can, which is basically spray-paint nail polish that only sticks to your base coat, and NOT your skin.

Spray Paint nail polish

How it works? Spray your nails for about 20 seconds, let the polish dry, and then wash your hands afterwards. After that? It’s flawless mani time!

While I personally LOVE pampering myself in a nail spa, this is definitely perfect for those on-the-go moments or emergency events where your nails have to look fab!

Manicures will never be the same again, indeed.

What do you think of this? Will you still go to your trusty manicurista or is this the future of nails?