SPOTTED: Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde openly date in a local mall; AlDub Nation reacts

After admitting that they are indeed “exclusively dating,” Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde were recently spotted together in Rockwell. The two were captured by AlDub fan @shngrrng, who shared a photo of them during their “mall date” and her thoughts on ArMaine’s dating news.

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She wrote on Instagram, “To MaiChard fans: I used to be a silent fan since 2015. With everything that has been happening right now, I know some of you [are] really having a hard time whether to give up or stay [in the fandom.]”

She added, “I was just watching MaiChard videos last night, and funny how fate happens to play with me. I saw M[aine] and the guy, [Arjo Atayde.] Nothing too sweet and everything was casual. But you would sense that there is really something between them. I know it is really really hard for the fandom to accept but this is reality, and sometimes life doesn’t work the way we want it to be… (and it’s sucks, I know.) Sometimes there are things in life that we can’t control from happening. But in career, love, and personal choices are the things that ONLY THEM [Alden and Maine] can control. I am not posting this to hurt anyone nor to give satisfaction to those fans of M[aine] and the guy, [Arjo.] I am here to stand as an example to everyone that even in the midst of hurting, we could still find the courage to give RESPECT to someone’s life. Like what Alden always says, RESPECT. RESPECT. RESPECT.”

Other AlDub fans also posted their own opinions regarding the recent dating news on Twitter. Some hope for Maine’s happiness.

While others still can’t believe that Maine is dating her current beau. As written by Instagram user @gladys_travel_fun via @shngrrng Instagram post, “Funny how a picture that shows a girl so uninterested and a guy who is looking sadly at a girl can be interpreted as a romantic date. Your interpretation is not objective but subjective. This is not an ADN [AlDub Nation] reaction. Show this picture to anyone who do not know them and they will say the same thing. Now, show me a picture of them gazing at each other and smiling with their eyes then I will believe everything this person says. Until then that is my opinion.”

What do you guys think? Is it time to welcome ArMaine, or is AlDub still your main fandom?

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