SPOTTED: Korean actor ‘Gong Yoo’ look alike at a local fast food restaurant!

Step aside, Kuya Kim Atienza – Korean actor Gong Yoo has a new lookalike!

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Facebook user Eriel Pangan Mendoza took it to her account how she saw an uncanny resemblance with one of the crew members of a popular fast food restaurant to ‘Kim Shin’, a fictional character portrayed by Gong Yoo in Korean drama series ‘Goblin’.

Eriel Mendoza 1

Her caption’s rough translation:

“I finally found Kim Shin of Goblin, and I see the sword, too! Does this mean I am his bride?! OMG!!! Hello kuya, I wasn’t able to see your name tag since it’s hidden but swear, you really look like Gong Yoo! I don’t need to go to Korea to see him since I was finally able to!”

As of posting, Mendoza’s photo upload has received thousands of likes and fan-girling comments from Korean drama fans alike.

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