SPOTTED: Fast food chain crew feeding a customer with disabilities touches our hearts!

Sophocles once said “to be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task”. It’s also a glorious feeling when we witness others doing good towards others as well.

Princess Fumar Nobleza witnessed this moment between a fast food chain crew member and a disabled customer wherein she was touched by the former’s gesture.

Her post translates:

“I felt sorry for the man inside the restaurant.

He brought a backpack and a body bag. He couldn’t get anything, so the crew (member) placed the money (change) in his bag instead.

I felt delighted with what the crew did because he really persevered by spoonfeeding and taking care (of the man).

Cheers to good deeds and restoring faith in humanity. <3

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Disclaimer: does not own the photos above. Credits go to Princess Fumar Nobleza.


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