SPOTTED: Elderly couple sharing a moment together at the mall touches our hearts

It is enamoring to hear love stories, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up next time. With tales as old as time, we take inspiration from couples who have been together for years.

Just like Renzo Lumanog, our hearts were touched with the sight of this elderly couple spotted at a local mall. According to Renzo, they “went up to the counter with around 5,000 tickets”, with “the biggest smile on their faces”. He was able to also witness them have their tickets counted,  “bought nothing and left holding each other’s hand.”

We reached out to Renzo for further details.

“My brother and I usually take our 8-year-old nephew around Rockwell – often times to the arcade. We were getting our card topped up at the counter, and that’s when we saw the couple walking towards us with tickets, more or less, amounting to 5,000. They were probably in their late 70s. I assumed that they had a grandkid with them. I was already so intrigued by the couple, and wanted to take a picture. After a few minutes of getting their tickets counted, I realized that it was just the two of them. There was no little girl, or boy that they accompanied to that place. They moved over to the shelf where all the prizes were, and they started looking at the home appliances. They would give each other little smiles here and there as if they were in their own little bubble. The man lets his significant other take a seat, (because she was having a hard time walking) and walks back to the counter to collect back his card. He thanks the employee for his service, and walks back to the woman. He takes her hand, supports her as she got back up on her feet, and they exit the place with hands still clutched together.

I can only assume so much about the couple, but from what I saw, it felt like they still enjoy each other’s company – even after all this time. It was not some grand spectacle of love, but something simple, and innocent. To others, growing old with someone means routine, and stagnation but I don’t think it feels like that for them at all.”

Since his upload, the relatives of the elderly couple were able to reach out to him as well. Oh, the power of social media!

The man and woman in the photo already turned 80 years old and celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The daughter of the couple in the photo, Christine Ang, says that the couple’s motto is to “live a simple and happy life”.

Another relative, the niece of the couple, also reached out to Renzo agreeing with him that they are a “loving and wonderful couple”.

Oh, love is so beautiful! Would you want a love like this? Let us know in the comments below!
Disclaimer: does not own the photo above. Credits go to Renzo Lumanog.


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