SPOTTED: Dog lining up for a movie ticket!

We have our own soft spots for cute animals, and we spotted this cute golden retriever in line for the cinemas.

Joza Juan took it to her Twitter account how charmed she was when she saw a dog hitching over the movie counter.

She captions:

Saleslady: excuse me..?
Melinda im told u im buy ticcets for fat n furrys 8

WHEN IN MANILA reached out to Joza for further details.

“Last Thursday (April 20, 2017) after class, my classmate/boyfriend (Niko) and I decided to study together for an upcoming exam. The closest place to UPD that we could think of was UP Town Center (UPTC). We ended up at a coffee shop and chose the seats that faced the glass wall such that we can see what’s going on outside. Our direct view was the UPTC’s cinema counter.

We were totally busy reading for hours until we got distracted after seeing this big Golden Retriever, which appeared to be a K-9 patrol, being walked by its handler. Minutes later, we were overwhelmed to see that it stood on its two hind legs and reached for the cinema counter. I then told Niko, “Uy hala ang kulit, picture-an mo!” (Rough translation: how clever, take a picture!)

Joza and her boyfriend are self-confessed dog lovers.

“Regarding the caption, I actually don’t know anyone whose name is Melinda; that was just a name that topped my head that time. After we left, Niko saw lots of other dogs in the mall and took pictures of them, too. We just both love dogs so much!”

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Dislcaimer: does not own these photos. Photo credits go to Joza Juan. You may view the original post here.

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