SPOTTED: Cool Chibog Cab in Quezon City!

Food carts – you gotta love ’em, especially when you’re hungry and they appear out of nowhere like a gift from God. Apple Quintas recently sent us some photos of this Siomai Cab that she had seen roaming around Anonas Extension near Kamias in Quezon City before:
Siomai Cab

Siomai and siopao roaming around? Yes, please!

Well, according to Apple, the Siomai Cab is now known as the Chibog Cab and she most recently saw it along Anonas/Project 3 area. Check out the revamped look of the ‘cab’ here:

Chibog Cab

Looks like they expanded their menu!

I personally haven’t tried it yet or even seen this cart since I’m a Southern girl, but I’m really interested to know what it takes like. Not only is the cart very eye-catching, but it looks like it can solve all of my hunger pains here in the South if it were to come here.

Have you tried this food cart yet? Would love to hear if it’s any good!