SPOTTED: ATM receipts seen scattered near machine with trashcan nearby

Seems like discipline still needs to be taught and instilled for ATM (automated teller machine) users since many seem to not dispose their account receipts properly.

Netizen Vince Cinches took a photo of an ATM machine located in Makati where he was pretty bothered that receipts were lying around on the floor or were stuffed on different edges of the machine, even if there was a disposal bin nearby.

The post’s rough translation:

“These people are infuriating, very messy litterbugs, they know that there’s a garbage bin beside the atm.”

Cinches tells WHEN IN MANILA his realizations after seeing this.

I had a side meeting in one of the malls in Cebu on the last day of the Asia Pacific coral reef symposium (apcrs) where more than 30 countries met to discuss ocean sciences and the health of our seas. I chanced upon a lady cleaning up atm receipts littered on the floor despite having two big garbage bins beside the atm machine. No wonder our environment is in a dire situation right now, I hope we can eliminate having to dispense paper receipts in all atm machines.

This is truly alarming as something this simple is something we can’t discipline or comply ourselves with. Don’t forget to clean after your mess, everyone!

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