Spoiler Alert: Can Barry Allen Accept His Fate In The Flash Season 5?

It only gets better as The Flash Season 5 premieres.

Everyone was left hanging during the end of Season 4 and since everyone can’t wait to see the all-new season, our friends from Hooq had a special advanced screening for a select few to see the first episode.

So who is that girl who helped The Flash at the end of last season? Who is the next villain to fight? What happens to Barry?

~Don’t continue reading if you don’t want spoilers~

If The Flash is the fastest man alive, then why is there another one? Is there a parallel universe where there are multiple Barry Allens?

We got goosebumps as the other ‘flash’ character ran through the city to help Barry. Nora Allen who was also featured in the previous season went back in time to see his father Barry. The whole episode had a mystery as Nora lied about being stuck in time.

But why did she lie? 

Well, she wants to spend time with his dad. Though there are multiple times that she messed up, she claims that she wants to help his dad in any way she can.


As it turns out, Barry Allen will disappear in the future. Nora grew up not having his dad because he has been missing for 25 years.

Will Barry let Nora stay?

After knowing his fate, Barry let Nora stay to spend time with her. Barry has been so worried about not being there for Nora if they mess up with the timeline when in the future, he was not there. The next few episodes will show if Nora will be staying longer and maybe the reasons why Barry went missing.

So who’s the bad guy?

In the episode, Barry will be fighting Gridlock. Though he looked like an easy villain to beat, Gridlock only gets stronger when being beaten. He absorbs the energy. I’d let you see what happens next but at the end of the first episode, there is another mysterious bad guy!

Based on the popular DC Comics character Barry Allen/Flash (Grant Gustin), this popular superhero needs no introduction.  Bestowed with superhuman speed, The Flashtakes crime scene investigation and crime fighting to a whole new level! The fifth season of The Flash will play heavily on Nora’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) big mistake at the end of season four.  Fans can also expect a new super villain to go head on with Flash and his friends as hinted by showrunner.

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