“Spider-Man” director Jon Watts says Uncle Ben exists in the MCU and could show up soon!

We know that a big part of what informs Spidey’s heroism and inclination towards social responsibility is the death and influence of his Uncle Ben. It’s no secret that it was the pivotal moment he decided to use his powers for something other than himself, even if at first it was motivated by revenge (as seen by the previous films). Eventually, he takes Uncle Ben’s words of wisdom (who could ever forget–“with great power comes great responsibility”) and becomes the hero he is.


While we haven’t quite seen him in MCU Spidey, Jon Watts has said that we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of having him appear in this iteration of Spidey. “Everything’s on the table,” he says. We wonder what that means. Will we see him via flashback? Via dream sequence? Will Aunt May mention him and go on an emotional monologue about him? We’re not sure but we’re definitely excited to find out!

But we know for sure that he was there. It was a subtle nod but check out the initials on Peter’s suitcase:

Uncle Bens initials

Some people have even started petitioning for Tobey to play Uncle Ben. What an emotional punch that would be to see the original Spidey pass on his wisdom to the newest one! My feels! Hold my hand!

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