Spend Valentine’s Day With The Goodest Special Someone Of All – Your Dog

Words by: Miko Insame

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Happy February, everyone! It’s the season of hearts and love is in the air as boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and partners all around are feeling the festivity incoming on February 14.

But while some people have their significant other, what about all those people who might not have a date for the Day of Hearts? Well, worry not! Because among all this celebration for being single and happy on times like this, there is someone who’s been hoping for you to take them out on a special date…

…and they’ve been dying to take you out and spend some time with you.

DISCLAIMER: Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so if you’ll be busy on the Day of Hearts itself, consider this a helpful guide for Valentine’s weekend.

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He’s been working up the courage to ask you out, you know. (Photo by: @goldenwoofs)

So don’t worry if you still don’t have plans for Valentine’s, keep reading for great ideas on how to spend it with your furry friend who might just end up loving you more than you anyone else can.

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Sleep In!

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Nothing beats waking up on your own time… except maybe waking up cuddling a furry friend of yours. (Photo by: @karolinaturek)

No date plans mean no need for you to set an alarm for the next morning so you can get ready doing whatever it is you have to do to impress your date. Take the opportunity to get some well-deserved Zs with your furry friend so you can wake up to your dog’s loving embrace. Even better, imagine how your dogs will feel when s/he is able to wake up next to his favorite person in the whole entire world.

Cook at home (For the both of you)!

Forego restaurants that’ll charge you through the nose for a meal, make one for yourself (and your furry admirer)! (Photo by: @hachi_kawa)

You won’t need to head to a fancy-pants restaurant to impress your date for the day. All you’ll need is some simple and affordable recipes and pretty soon you’ll find yourself sitting across from the nicest meal partner of all. Don’t even worry if you can’t cook that well, your dog will love you despite that and will gladly appreciate a seat at the table and a big portion of their human’s cooking.

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Go for a long walk

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No places to be, just enjoy each other’s company. (Photo by: shiba.teh_o)

You know that cheesy and cliché people use, “I like long walks on the beach…”? Well, Manila’s a long way away from any beaches, but taking a long walk with each other gets you out of the house so you don’t spend too much time inside. Go and take a walk and find some time to appreciate how happy you’re making your dog feel, and let that make you (hopefully) just as happy too. There are a lot of parks and open areas that serve as a great place for your dog to zoom around, which is perfect given that the weather in February is supposed to get even chillier and less humid, according to PAG-ASA.

Watch a movie

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Who needs those sappy and sad rom-coms that leave you feeling lonely? Definitely not Bolt! (Or your dog for that matter) (Photo by: @bullterrier.ig)

Take your furry friend, pop some popcorn, pour yourself some nice rosé or crack open a beer, plop down on the couch, and watch some of your favorite movies. Are there movies on Netflix you’ve been dying to see, or some classics in your DVD collection that you’ve been meaning to rewatch? Watch those! You won’t have to deal with arguing over what movie to see because your dog will love whatever you choose anyway.

Get them a gift

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Your dog won’t demand chocolates or flowers, you know. (Photo by: @musikdog)

Your dog will give you their undivided attention and love even if it’s not Valentine’s Day. Heck, their whole world revolves around you, you know? So don’t you think it’d be nice to get them some of their favorite treats (or toys) to tell them that you’re grateful that they’re in your lives and that they make you feel loved even on the days when you feel like you’re not? They definitely deserve more than just that, but it’s a really good start.

End the day how you started it, with a snuggle

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At the end of the day, hunker down and fall asleep with your furry friend. (Photo by: @zeus_themoose)

So it’s the end of the day, the dishes from this morning and afternoon have been washed, the weather today was fantastic when you went outside, the treats (or toys) you got weren’t expensive at all and your dog absolutely adored them (as with everything else you do), and the movie’s finished. Finish up your Valentine’s Day by snuggling down with your furry friend and petting them as you both slowly get sleepier and sleepier and eventually fade into sleep, with a soft, furry cuddle buddy by your side.

It’s usually said that we don’t deserve dogs, but a more optimistic spin on it would be that dogs deserve all the love we can give them and more, Valentine’s Day or otherwise.

Happy Valentine’s, everyone!

Will you be showing your dog some extra love this Valentine’s? Let us know!

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