Speed Dating: 4 Minutes is All You Need with Telu Events

In the lobby they gave me my kit: a big name tag, a checklist of the ladies that will be attending (so I can mark “yes” or “no”), and a dating guide with some helpful tips for the socially inexperienced. Oh and a cookie, which is great because I love cookies.

I was ushered to my table to wait. Jake, the event organizer came over and took my picture. He told me it would be sent to my match. He said “Show me confident Tony.” This is what he got.

Hello, ladies. Pacute, no?

Hello, ladies. Pacute, no?

While we were waiting, the guy at the next table introduced himself. He said this was his first time to try speed dating. I asked if he was nervous. He said no. “I’m used to casual dating. My friends are all bachelors. I’m used to rejection. Its a part of life.” What a positive guy. But I bet he cries himself to sleep at night.

I’m just kidding.

I noticed that in general, the guys showed up earlier than the ladies. At 6:48 there were 10 guys present and waiting and just 3 ladies. I appeared to be the only foreigner present, but later met a Korean guy who spoke fluent Tagalog and has lived in the Philippines for 16 years. The ladies chatted, and the men either stared out the window or stayed busy in their phones. Two had come together (good idea!) and were talking. I was in EverNote tapping out this blog post.

The tables were numbered and had candles to set the mood. Mellow music played from overhead speakers at a soft enough volume to allow conversation.

Telu Events Speed DatingI asked Jake when the event started. His answer was very practical: “When the girls show up.” His logic was inescapable.

The organizers were all quite attractive as well! Unfortunately, they weren’t on my yes/no checklist. huhuhu

By 7:45 the room was full. According to Jake, there were 20 ladies and 17 guys present. Ladies stayed at their tables, guys moved. I met some people that I felt there was a potential connection with. Others, after thirty seconds I was killing time and waiting to move. I’m sure everyone felt that way with someone, eventually. What I ran into a lot of though were people that while I didn’t forsee a romantic future with, I did want to be friends with, and there were even some business networking opportunities I saw. I met three people I thought I might date in the future. I met a half dozen more I thought would be cool friends or I could possibly do business with. I circled YES to all of those.

All in all, it was an interesting night. Because I’m American, I got asked the same two questions over and over: “What brought you to this country?” and “Why do you want to live here permanently?” I can’t blame anyone for being curious about that. But after the third time I answered it I had spontaneously developed a monologue I could deliver without really concentrating.

A week later I got my matches. There were a couple people that I matched with that I was happy to see. I contacted them, they texted back, and we’re still in contact. Mission accomplished.

Telu Events’ Speed Dating is fun! When In Manila, if you’re single and ready to mingle, totally give it a shot.

Speed Dating: 4 Minutes is All You Need with Telu Events


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