Speaker at Malaysia Social Media Week 2013 representing WhenInManila.com & the Philippines



It was indeed Malaysia Social Media Week 2013! Here was the handbook they gave out with my profile, and of course here are the profiles of three other Filipinos who spoke at the event. It was really exciting to know that the other speaker, Jason Cruz, is actually a Senior Writer for WhenInManila.com.


MSMW-Malaysia-Social-Media-Week-2013-KL-Kuala-Lumpur-WhenInManila-43 MSMW-Malaysia-Social-Media-Week-2013-KL-Kuala-Lumpur-WhenInManila-20

MSMW-Malaysia-Social-Media-Week-2013-KL-Kuala-Lumpur-WhenInManila-24 MSMW-Malaysia-Social-Media-Week-2013-KL-Kuala-Lumpur-WhenInManila-23

MSMW-Malaysia-Social-Media-Week-2013-KL-Kuala-Lumpur-WhenInManila-22 MSMW-Malaysia-Social-Media-Week-2013-KL-Kuala-Lumpur-WhenInManila-25


We got a sneak peek of the hall we would be using before the crowds got there.




You can tell that it definitely filled up with people from all over South East Asia and the world!




One of the highlights of Malaysia Social Media Week MSMW2013 was the arrival and talk from the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. It was actually really cool seeing him pay tribute to the positive aspects of social media.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak even took an instagram photo of the crowds and the organizers then showed his Instagram page later on.

Below is a pic of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak as he met with his 1 millionth fan from Facebook.





And of course, I had to make my way through the crowds to shake the hand of Prime Minister Najib Razak in the video below.



See other highlights from the Malaysia Social Media Week on the next page…


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