Sparks Year 4: Love and Relationship in the Age of Independence and Technology

Are you in a relationship? might it be with yourself, with your career, with a partner, or even just trying the new online dating apps. Come and join us as we try to find the SPARKS in you!


Be ready for “Sparks Year 4” as we try to talk about Love and Relationship in the Age of Independence and Technology. Nowadays, people in our generation are more busy than ever, we try to juggle up as much as we can in order to make everything work. Everything has been put into an online platform, including dating.


For this years Sparks, we’ll try to talk about how the technology today plays a huge role in forming relationships, and how love for career and for ones self is becoming more ideal than being “in a relationship” with the help of our guest speakers, Ms. Madel Asuncion, Senior Content Editor of Chalk.PH, and Ms. Aileen Santos, Author and Relationship Coach.


Join us this coming February 14, Friday, 3 PM – 6 PM at the Science Building Room 101 as we try to Break Boundaries in love!