SPAM Musubi, Kani Tempura and Gummy Bear Cocktails at Happy Hour Manila!


by @acesalvador

When in Manila, we’ve just discovered a cozy new hangout where the SPAM Musubi is hard to beat, the cocktails come at a buy-one-take-one deal, and every hour is happy hour. To Makati/BGC folks reading this, I think I’ve found spot worth hightailing it to Pasig City for, and it’s called Happy Hour Manila.


When choosing a bar to spend a night out with friends, I’m not at all a snob, and very easy to please. I can do away with silly passwords, outrageously priced cocktails, or airs of exclusivity, and I’m sure most of you could as well. Because honestly, how enjoyable is an overpriced night out at an uptight little joint where everyone is out to impress? I’d rather plop on a comfy leather couch with awesome company and great food, in a fun and unpretentious place with really good cocktails. Thankfully, Happy Hour Manila has all of the above (comfy leather couches included.)


by @happyhourmnl

Despite it being their first venture in the bar/club scene, the team behind Happy Hour Manila has proven to be a total ace at it. Sticking out like a sore thumb along the bar stretch of City Golf Plaza in Pasig, the place would be more fittingly wedged alongside designer cocktail bars along the BGC area. Yet despite its trendy interiors and Insta-worthy accents, Happy Hour Manila proves to be a promising new watering hole for the bar-snob wary.

How is this so, you may ask? Just take a look at their extremely yummy and affordable bar chow menu, filled with dishes so lip-smacking good yet so darn simple, you’d be wondering why you didn’t think them up yourself. Take a look at our absolute favorites:

happy-hour-manila-14 arellanoalyssa

SPAM Musubi (PHP 200) by @arellanoalyssa

Grilled SPAM, nori, Japanese rice, Japanese mayonnaise

My gosh, this was THE BOMB DOT COM. Two days after trying this and I’m still hung up on it.



Huevos Breakfast Platter (PHP 280) by @happyhourmnl

Shoestring potatoes, chorizo, egg, aioli

Breakfast munchies, bar chow edition. What I’ve been wondering is why most bars don’t have this on the menu yet! Thank you, Happy Hour Manila, for beating them to it!


Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toh, Po-tay-tuh (PHP 250) by @happyhourmnl

French fries, twister fries, crosscut fries

Felt like I was winning at life with this one. Three different kinds of fries served on a deep fryer basket.


Kani Tempura (NEW on the menu) by @happyhourmnl

There are better things to douse in tempura batter other than shrimp. IE: crabmeat. NOM!


Their cocktail menu similarly goes along the so-simple-it’s-great vein too. These concoctions aren’t at all rocket science, yet are guaranteed tasty, photogenic, and pack quite a punch! Jump to the next page to check them out!


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