LOOK: SPAMⓇ Takes These Dishes To The Next Level on GrabFood and Foodpanda

Sometimes, we can’t help it: we just love eating SPAMⓇ Luncheon Meat, especially when we crave that sizzling, juicy, and satisfying goodness. There’s nothing quite like SPAMⓇ Luncheon Meat, as it’s the only one with that distinct savory taste that we’ve loved since our childhood days.

One of the major reasons why we can’t get enough of SPAMⓇ Luncheon Meat is the vast number of ways that you can enjoy it–whether fried up in crispy strips or coated in delicious umami sauces in between bread. SPAMⓇ Luncheon Meat truly is such a great and the ONLY go-to ingredient when it comes to making unique, flavorful dishes and, this summer, all SPAMⓇ Luncheon Meat lovers are in for a tasty treat!

Throughout the summer season, you can indulge in various mouthwatering meals that take SPAMⓇ Luncheon Meat to the next level, proving once again that it is the only trusted luncheon meat brand worth trying. Here are six SPAMⓇ dishes you can order from select restaurants on GrabFood and Foodpanda right now!

1. SPAMⓇ Umami Sandwich

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Sink your teeth into the savory SPAMⓇ Umami Sandwich! It contains seared slices of SPAM® Classic, caramelized onions, creamy scrambled egg, and umami sauce sitting between soft, toasted buns. Get this at Burger Beast, Smash it: Burgers & More, Bird Beast, and 24/7 Eats.

2. SPAMⓇ Katsu Sandwich

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Your favorite katsu sandwich, SPAMⓇ-ified! The SPAMⓇ Katsu Sandwich contains crispy deep-fried SPAM® Classic coated in breadcrumbs and served in between toasted brioche buns with asian slaw, teriyaki sauce, and wasabi mayo. A rich and flavorful snack! Get this at Burger Beast, Smash it: Burgers & More, Bird Beast, and 24/7 Eats.

3. SPAMⓇ Korean Burrito

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The SPAMⓇ Korean Burrito is a Korean-Mexican-inspired dish made with diced SPAM® Less Sodium with scrambled eggs and kimchi rice rolled in a soft tortilla. This hearty and flavorful fusion dish is perfect to have for lunch or dinner! Get this at 24/7 Eats and Gotchu Jang: Korean Bowls.

4. SPAMⓇ Korean Quesadilla

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The SPAMⓇ Korean Quesadilla is another fusion dish that combines elements of Korean and Mexican cuisine. In this meal, diced SPAM® Less Sodium is layered with cheese sauce, kimchi, and mozzarella between two flour tortillas before being pan-fried until you get melted cheese and crispy tortillas. Yum! Get this at 24/7 Eats and Gotchu Jang: Korean Bowls.

5. SPAMⓇ Fajitas

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SPAMⓇ Fajitas is a unique twist on traditional fajitas, made with SPAM® Less Sodium, roasted veggies, and mushrooms served with tortilla and cilantro aioli on the side, instantly satisfying your cravings for TexMex cuisine at home! Get this at Casa Crawford: Modern Mexican Kitchen and Meat Up by Gabbi and Khalil.

6. SPAMⓇ Country Fried Steak

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It’s steak but with SPAM® Classic! The SPAMⓇ Country Fried Steak, a delicious twist on the classic Southern dish, is served with buttered veggies and homemade gravy on top of steamed rice. Get this at Rice and Shine.

All of these are available on GrabFood and Foodpanda, so whenever you’re hungry for classic SPAMⓇ dishes with a twist this summer, look no further–you can have all of these delivered right to your doorstep anytime, any day!

For your choice of MMM, it’s gotta be SPAMⓇ and Only.

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