“Space Elevator” Could Send You Into Orbit!!

Can’t think of anywhere else to go in the world for a vacation? What about going out of the world for a change?

The lower orbit of the Earth, at least!

Space elevator

Photo Credit: CNBC News/THOTHX.com

A Canadian company just patented a 12.4 mile-high (or over 6500 feet!!) space elevator that could propel and launch astronauts and tourists into orbit!! This just gave a whole new meaning to the question “Going up?” when riding an elevator!

According to reports, the free-standing tower would be inflated and supported by gas-pressurized cells, and become a docking platform that could launch satellites, people, and cargo directly into the lower orbit.

Passengers can apparently reach the top of the tower in just an hour and board a space plane, which would be propelled into the Earth’s lower orbit without the need for a rocket that would cost millions!!

Conventional rocket launches can cost about $250 million or more, while cheaper commercial offerings go for about $60 million. Reports say that with this “space elevator”, it can reduce the cost of reaching the Earth’s orbit by about 30 percent!!

The “space elevator” was invented by Brendan Quine, an engineering professor at York University in Toronto, Canada.

Reports say that with the “space elevator”, this could open opportunities for tourism like restaurants and hotels!

This would definitely be an interesting tourist destination.

What do you think of this?? Would you love to have a vacation in space?