South Korea Vaccinates Almost 1 Million People in 40 Days

As different countries get their doses of vaccines, South Korea moved at an impressive speed as they inoculated almost 1 million people in the span of 40 days.

According to Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency or KDCA, 999,870 people got the first jab of their COVID-19 vaccines. The number is 1.92% of their total population.


870,724 people of the abovementioned number are healthcare workers, patients at long-term care facilities who got their AstraZeneca vaccine. 129,145 doctors, nurses and other health workers for COVID-19 also got their first Pfizer jab in Seoul.

They already started vaccinating people 75 years old and older while those aged between 65-74 are set to get their vaccine in May 2021.

By the end of June 2021, they are expecting 18.08million doses more in addition to the 2.69million vaccines that were delivered in March.