LOOK: Lions calmly take a nap on the road during COVID-19 lockdown

When the world quiets down, the lions come out to play.

With different countries all over the globe going into lockdown we’ve seen numerous accounts of various animals venturing into unlikely areas and lions are only the most recent.

Kruger National Park lions 1

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Park ranger Richard Sowry was the one who caught South Africa’s Kruger National Park lions making use of their new nap spot. He chanced upon them while doing his usual patrol and driving along Orpen Rest Camp last April 15.

Kruger National Park lions 2

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The wildlife park has been shut since March 25 as part of South Africa’s COVID-19 lockdown. Sowry guesses that the pride had noticed the lack of humans and felt confident enough to sleep on a road that would typically be busy with tourists.

“Lions are used to people in vehicles,” he explained. “All animals have much more of an instinctive fear of people on foot, so if I had walked up they would never have allowed me to get so close.”

Kruger National Park lions 3

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Sowry adds that the lions have been known to make the roads their beds but only at night and customarily during winter.

Photos courtesy of Kruger National Park

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