Sosro Fruit Tea: Millennials’ Newest Way of Chilling Out!

This millennial generation is busier than ever— in fact, we’ve been named as the generation that is most stressed out of the other living generations! Crazy, right?

But then again, when you take a look at the typical millennial lifestyle, it’s not so hard to see why: we’re taking on careers that aren’t just the typical 9 to 5 grind, all while balancing our social life such as relationships, family and friends. We also worry about money while balancing older generations’ expectations of us! In fact, this generation unwinds by doing even more activities— such as going on nights out, traveling out of town, trying outdoor sports! While our energy is admirable, it’s also important that we know how to relax and keep things simple. This can be as plain as taking a nap, going for a walk, getting a massage, and even drinking some tea!


Meet Sosro Fruit Tea! Coming all the way from Indonesia, with its set of interesting flavors livened up by a refreshing tea kick, now it’s much simpler to just to chill out. Today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world can easily drown us with stress and distractions but it’s definitely easier to keep one’s cool and to take a quick time off with a refreshing drink in hand. As millennials have so much power in choosing what to do nowadays, Sosro Fruit Tea allows everyone to #ChooseYourBottles from its distinct tea-infused flavors Freeze, apple, guava, and strawberry. Pick the perfect bottle that suits your current state of mind and get to chill in no time.


Now available at your favorite grocery store, chilling out has never been this easy and refreshing! Our personal recommendations? Try the Freeze for that invigorating vibe, and the sweet yet refreshing strawberry flavors!

Sosro Fruit Tea


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