Soon, you can 3D Print your clothes and shoes in your homes

If you tell me that I have the chance to design my own clothing, choose the material, and adjust the measurements with accuracy to the fit I want my clothes to be – then I think I would flip to have that technology.

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Apparently, London’s Loughborough University researchers are developing this technology. They are determining how to modify 3D printing into textiles. If this becomes successful, it would have big changes to the world and our environment as fast fashion is rising and becoming more excessive.

This tech would massively cut fabric waste and have the manufacturing process for all types of clothing more environment-friendly.

But some experts foresee a day when we could print out customized garments right in the store, or maybe even from 3D printers in our own homes.

At the 2018 Paris Fashion Week, Dutch designer Iris van Herpen showed off a 3D-printed dress and other fashion designers have also presented 3D printed shoes where the plastic material is distributed into layers that create the three-dimensional structure.

Moreover, the 3D printing for shoes has become big in several including Nike and New Balance. Adidas began selling shoes with 3D-printed soles in January.

“Imagine having a garment fit exactly to your size and preferences,” Melissa Dawson, an assistant professor of industrial design at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a 3D printing expert, told NBC News MACH in an email. “You could also customize your color and pattern choices… maybe even trims and finishes.”

Dawson shared that 3D printed shoes are more feasible in the next 10 years to print at home than clothing since they’re smaller which is less expensive.

With technology as advanced as no longer trying clothes back and forth or having someone customize clothing according to my proportions, I don’t think I’d even be disappointed at all if I didn’t like the design I made.

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