Soon, these Friendly Los Baños Pups will be Put to Sleep, Here’s How We Can Help

Time is racing. We only have just a few days to save the 31 remaining pups at the Los Banos dog pound. This January, the local government, in compliance with ordinance No.

2015-1455, will be putting impounded dogs to sleep as they have stayed beyond the four-day holding period of captured strays.

A group of animal welfare volunteers, the Los Baños Advocates of Animal Welfare, Inc. (LBAAW), is calling on the public for help to save the pups. These volunteers have been taking care of the dogs since 2015, shouldering the expenses for food and medical care as, reportedly, the LGU has not released any budget at all for all these years to cover the cost of feeding the dogs.

There were originally a total of 58 dogs to be euthanized. With the public’s help, the volunteers were able to rehome 27. But there are still 31 left at the pound. If they are not adopted now, they will be put to sleep.

LB-AAW had exhausted all efforts of delaying the implementation of the ordinance but we had come to the point where compassion meets the law. Help us keep these dogs from being to sleep. May they find a home in you. #AdoptDontShop

Meet some of the Los Baños pups. Aren’t they sweet? Do they deserve to die?

Scrubs Los Banos dog for adoption

Scrubs is tall and knows how to wait for his turn.


Queenie is one of the happiest Los Baños dogs.


Mango Mocha looks lazy but he has lots of energy for walks.


Malee is a big munchkin who thinks he is a small dog.


Levi is a big baby who is always asking for hugs.


Akita loves attention and exercise.


Shine is shy but loves face and neck massages.

To know their stories, click this link.

Our goal is to save all the dogs. We leave no puppy behind! Contact Chiara Carenina Manuel ‭+63 956 812 0880 to adopt.

You can help by sharing this story, tagging fellow animal lovers, and by adopting or fostering a dog.

Please follow this link or contact  Chiara Carenina Manuel  at‭+63 956 812 0880 to adopt.


UPDATE as of 24 January 208 — Of the original 58, 23 are not yet adopted. However, the LGU brought in 8 new dogs recently, adding to the total number that the volunteers are desperately trying to rehome.