Sony is Finally Revealing New Details About the PlayStation 5 Tonight!

No more predictions, no more rumors… Sony is officially dropping new details about the much-awaited PlayStation 5 console tonight!

On Twitter, Sony announced that it will be providing a “deep dive” into the console’s architecture with its system lead architect hosting the presentation. The reveal is scheduled at 9 AM pacific time (12 AM Philippine time) at the PlayStation blog.

What this means is that we’ll finally be able to find out what its specs and capabilities are and how exactly it will elevate our gaming experience from the previous PlayStations. Some suggest that this surprise online event was organized in response to Microsoft’s continual reports of new information surrounding its upcoming Xbox Series X console.

Either way, Sony definitely got us gamers’ attention. They may not unveil the PlayStation 5 design just yet, but we’re hoping that we’ll be able to gather enough information from tonight’s live stream to satisfy us in the meantime.

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