Song Kang Teams Up With Deoproce Once Again For Its Latest Drop

“Does being rescued from a spider count?” quips the Korean hallyu star, sporting his famous kilig-inducing smirk when asked if he’s ever been rescued as he and Deoproce Philippines prepared for the brand’s latest line. While the Green Caviar + Skin Rescue Line nor Song Kang can neither rescue you from spiders (sigh!), the latest from Deoproce can certainly help rescue you from your skin woes such as enlarged pores, excessive oil, and rough, problematic skin. Formulated with a blend of its signature green caviar and now highly potent Sugar Kelp and Sparkling Water, the full range is yet another milestone for both Deoproce and Song Kang as they continue their partnership this 2022. 

Photo from Deoproce

2021, after all, was quite a triumph for both Deoproce Philippines and Song Kang. Deoproce Philippines was lauded for its breakthrough in two things: skincare innovation in championing green sea caviar or sea grapes (commonly known and loved as lato) and its stereotype-smashing choice for a male skincare endorser. Meanwhile, apart from being the face of Deoproce Philippines, Song Kang’s star continued to rise with the heartfelt drama, Navillera (that had us weeping) and the Netflix sensation, Nevertheless (that had our hearts racing), showcasing the young actor’s talent even more. 

More recently, he made us swoon in his latest Netflix romcom, Forecasting Love and Weather, while once again, fronting as the face of Deoproce Philippines. “I’m very excited and I hope that people will like it,” Song Kang enthuses, referring to the Green Caviar + Skin Rescue range. With both their independent and collaborative successes, Deoproce Philippines and Song Kang are excited to reveal more about the brand’s newest line, which the actor is only so happy to endorse once more.

Photo from Deoproce

The Deoproce Natural Green Caviar range launched last year championed green caviar, an unusual ingredient but chock full of Vitamins A and C, Amino, and Omega-3 fatty acids. The Deoproce Green Caviar + Skin Rescue Line, exclusive to the Philippines, now adds unique powerhouse ingredients Sugar Kelp (algae, seaweed) and Sparkling Water on top of the green caviar for a more targeted approach to specific skin problems. 

Laminaria Saccharina Fermen or Sugar Kelp, known as European Kelp, has excellent antioxidant properties that help prevent skin aging and are also anti-inflammatory. Sparkling water, another Deoproce surprise innovation, gently removes dead skin cells and effectively controls the excretion of excess sebum. 

Photo from Deoproce

Apart from these ingenious new ingredients, the new formulations of the five products in this range are also something that makes our hearts flutter almost as much as Song Kang does. The Deoproce Skin Rescue Peeling Gel is a skin-balancing formula that removes dead skin cells. Used on clean, dry skin, the gentle formula is applied in circular motions for about 30 seconds until dead skin cell residue is formed, showing a very active formulation. 

Photo from Deoproce

Meanwhile, the Deoproce Skin Rescue Day and Night Moisturizer is Song Kang’s personal skin rescue fave. “I can’t leave the house without the Deoproce Skin Rescue Day & Night Moisturizer. It keeps my dry skin hydrated throughout the day,” the handsome but down-to-earth star says. As multifaceted as Song Kang’s acting range, this cream has a light and non-sticky cream for morning use but can also be used at night to effectively target excess sebum and clear skin of dirt and impurities while you snooze. 

Photo from Deoproce

The entire range is designed to be simple yet high-functioning, rescuing us from our skincare concerns. This is perfect for all of us getting back to the face-to-face grind. Song Kang himself, undeniably busier than ever, loves the straightforward but super effective new line. “It really helps my skin stay balanced and makes my routine easy and not stressful,” he says. 

For those looking to try this hallyu-approved routine, Deoproce Green Caviar + Skin Rescue comes to the rescue with a complete skincare range: the Cleansing Foam (Php690/170ml), the Peeling Gel (Php790/170ml), the Toner (Php890/150ml), the Ampoule (Php1,490/30ml), and the Day and Night Moisturizer (Php1,790 100ml). 

Deoproce is available in Watsons and SM Beauty and online on Amorfia.

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