Something To Brighten Up Your Day: Parking Lot Inspirational Messages

When in Manila, you’d be surprised how people can churn negative vibes to positive vibes so quickly. Clearly, Filipinos aren’t called as one of the happiest people on earth for no reason. Just look at these inspirational messages painted on the parking lot of Blue Bay in Pasay City.

These awesome photos were captured by Maureen Grace Lebria. She thought these messages were uplifting, so she shared it on her Facebook page.

Blue bay parking lot

At first, I thought it was hilarious AF. But, on the other hand, these messages could somehow brighten someone’s day. What do you think?

Blue bay parking

And of course, if s/he ain’t treatin’ you right, “Let it go.”

So, whether you are having a bad day or tired from driving/getting stuck in traffic, know that YOU are amazing. If people mistreat you, let it go, just park the car and grab yourself a good cup of coffee…. At Blue Bay, of course! 🙂

If you were in the area now, which inspirational spot would you choose to park your car and why? Tell us your answers in the comments!