SOME BY MI Launches New Beta-Panthenol Line on Shopee

It’s time to take better care of your skin, guys! And what better way to do it than with SOME BY MI’s Beta-Panthenol Line?

What is SOME BY MI’s Beta-Panthenol Line?

SOME BY MI’s Beta-Panthenol Line was carefully crafted to strengthen skin immunity, effectively regenerate the damaged skin barrier, and alleviate the three skin warning signals — extreme dryness, redness, and trouble. It consists of four hero products to address your skin’s different needs: a cream, toner, serum, and gel cleanser. With its special formulation, the Beta Panthenol line is sure to turn into your new go-to K beauty skincare routine.

SOME BY MI Beta Panthenol Line S.Coups Seventeen

Photo from SOME BY MI

SOME BY MI Beta-Panthenol Repair Cream

This repair cream was formulated with high DPanthenol content, which has a stronger anti-inflammatory effect compared to general panthenol ingredients. It melts into your skin to form a thin moisture barrier, without leaving a sticky finish.

SOME BY MI Beta-Panthenol Repair Toner

The Beta Panthenol Repair Toner contains “Aquaporin (water channel in the skin),” which transports moisture all over to keep the skin plump and hydrated. It prevents moisture loss to enhance the skin’s natural complexion. It was designed to be suitable for all skin types — oily & dehydrated, combination, and dry skin. The toner gently works on rough skin to achieve smoother skin texture and manage the skin barrier damaged by dryness. The milky essence-type toner thoroughly hydrates and moisturizes the skin without leaving a sticky finish.

SOME BY MI Beta-Panthenol Repair Serum

Contains a natural moisturizing ingredient extracted from mushrooms, Beta-glucan, and Multiceramides to strengthen skin immunity and maintain a healthy state of the regenerated skin barrier. Gives an anti-inflammatory effect and activates the function of immune cells. Once the cream fluid formula made with the moist shield network and multi-emulsion system touches the skin, it quickly and densely penetrates deep into the skin layer. The moist shield network, which tightly holds the active ingredients, effectively delivers nutrients to the skin barrier.

SOME BY MI Beta-Panthenol Repair Gel Cleanser

The hypoallergenic formula contains 17 types of amino acids and PHA, which gently melts dirt on the skin and keeps the skin moisturized without tightness after cleansing. This milk cleanser formula, made at a slightly acidic level, gently works on the skin to minimize skin irritation during cleansing and helps to balance the pH of healthy skin. The milky texture smoothly glides over the skin without irritation. It forms a rich lather when met with water and the natural surfactants in the formula only absorb dirt on the skin.

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