Solique by GirlStuff: Amazing Gel Polish that Does NOT Require Artificial UV Light or Soaking!


When in Manila, gel polish has been such a huge trend for on-the-go ladies. There hasn’t been an innovation specifically designed to keep up with today’s multi-tasking badass chicks quite like the long-wearing gel polish treatment. Because honestly, chipped nail polish? Faded nail color? Bi-weekly manicures? Ain’t nobody got time for that!



We gotta admit though, these gel treatments do our nails a lot more harm than good. Just think of all the chemicals you expose your nails to with every treatment! Stained, brittle and unhealthy nails just don’t sound too appealing in the long run. This is why I am so glad that GirlStuff, known for their high-quality and harmful chemicals-free nail polish, has come up with their own line of safe gel polishes! I’ll be sharing with you 5 good reasons to love Solique – GirlStuff’s latest collection of gel nail polish.

  1. It’s NON-TOXIC!

Just like all other GirlStuff products, Solique gel polish are free of the 5 toxic chemicals found in conventional nail polish products: Toulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde resin and Camphor. It is these chemicals, especially Formaldehyde, that damage the nails and cause those unsightly yellow stains. GirlStuff’s Solique gel polish is guaranteed to be safe and gentle on your digits; they are also free of that strong chemical smell most polishes have!



  1. It Does Not Require Artificial UV Light!

We all know that direct exposure to UV rays is harmful to the skin, and it’s a relief that we need not go through this process entirely with Solique gel polish. Instead of sliding your nails under a UV lamp to harden the polish, Solique gel polish works by being cured under direct sunlight for a few minutes after application.



  1. It’s Easy to Remove!

Let’s not even delve into the horrors of removing gel nail polish, which require soaking your tips in 100% acetone, then scraping the product off your nails. This badly weakens your nails, and leaves them looking brittle, dented and just plain ugly! Thankfully, Solique gel polish can easily be taken off with regular nail polish remover, and does not require peeling or scraping.



  1. It Yields the Same Long-Lasting Color and Shine as Gel Polish Treatment!

As surprising as it may seem, Solique’s safe and non-toxic gel polish actually delivers the dazzling color and sheen of the gel polish treatments you have at any nail salon, minus the harmful chemicals and damage to your nails.



  1. It’s Affordable!

Your regular gel nail polish treatment goes for about PHP 600++ at the salon. A bottle of GirlStuff’s Solique gel polish costs only PHP 180, with their special top coat price goes for PHP 200. That saves you about a quarter of your gel mani/pedi treatment price, and will save you much more in the future as you can use it over and over.

Solique Gel Polish by GirlStuff is now available at all leading department stores. Have you tried it out yet? Let us know what you think!



Solique by GirlStuff

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